It's hard 8eing this fa8ulous




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I’m reeeeeeeeally not r8dy for Megido and Piexes to hunt me down.
I’m thoroughly convinced Captor gorged himself of Makara’s pies 8efore picking me up. I think I’ll avoid him for a while. 

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youtube. com/watch?v=Hwy9IOrUzO0 would you go on this? :D

I neeeeeeeed this with a deep and 8rightly 8urning passion……..

Equius is a good neigh8or, I suppose.
He comes through whenever I need something from him.
Though he isn’t exactly much fun to 8e around. Him and all his nam8y-pam8y aristocrat shit.

As for Sollux???

I dunno. I guess he comes around once in a 8lue moon and t8kes me for 8-flavors of ice cream. Haven’t seen him in a 8it.
Though why he wants to 8e anywhere near me after what I made him to do Aradia is 8EYOOOOOOOOND me.

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I’ll get riiiiiiiight 8ack to you on that, anon.